In Defense of Body Hair on the Female Form

Picture it:

You’re sitting alone at your favorite outdoor cafe on a gorgeous, clear, sunny day. All is right in the world as you take in the sights and sounds of your city while enjoying a coffee or a cold beer. As you relax into the day, you notice a striking, gorgeous woman sitting at a table nearby, laughing with a friend. She is glowing, graceful, radiant—absolutely breathtaking!  She holds your attention for several seconds before you catch yourself beginning to stare.

You try to go back to your thoughts, but you can’t help but to be enamored by this utterly enchanting woman…who is she? You steal a few subtle glances just to witness her in the divine act of simply enjoying herself.  As you (discreetly) gaze at her, you notice something unexpected…her sleeveless top reveals her underarm area—which, as you notice, is unshaven! 

Put yourself in this situation. How do you react? Does the sight of this gorgeous woman’s body hair disgust you? Does it turn you on? Does it not affect you at all?



Women in the United States began shaving their underarms around 1915 as a result of the arrival of the sleeveless dress. An ad in Harper’s Bazaar magazine set the standard by stating that wearing the sleeveless dress would require “the removal of objectionable hair.” Women across the country were shaving their pits by the early 1920’s, and thus a societal norm was born…though, women weren’t shaving their legs until the 1940’s during the rise of shorter and shorter skirts (haha, “rise”? Get it? Anyone?) 

The removal of pubic hair actually began among Muslim women as a pre-wedding tradition. While Americans commonly think that the shaving of cunts is a result of inspiration from porn stars with impeccably waxed pussies, the practice of removing one’s pubic hair actually comes from a culture commonly known for its modesty, respectively. 

So what is it about hair on the female form that inspires such strong reactions from people? A lot of folks argue that body hair indicates a lack of hygiene, but where exactly is the logic in that theory? If that were the case, every male-presenting person with body hair (aka, the majority of them) is constantly walking through life in a state of filth—and we all know that just isn’t true. 

I think that most people in the United States simply haven’t been exposed to female body hair in a normalized context, free from stigma. Body hair on women-identifying people is typically attributed to a lack of hygiene, an unrefined way of being, or even poor character. We are trained to make assumptions about each other based on arbitrary physical characteristics, and this, my friends, is called prejudice. 



Now lets backpedal just a bit. 

A lot—and I mean, a LOT—of people not only don’t mind body hair on women, they adore it. More than that, even—they absolutely revel in it. Body hair can be a divinely indulgent experience for some, conjuring feelings so intoxicatingly erotic that they become almost obsessive about it, sometimes even needing it to get off. Enter the body hair fetishist, and often, the armpit fetishist.

Trichophilia is when a person reaches a state of sexual arousal at the sight of human hair—including body hair. I personally don’t identify as a trichophiliac, HOWEVER—there’s something deliciously primal about enjoying a person’s body (for me, its their armpits) when they’ve chosen to be au naturale. I certainly consider the armpits to be an erogenous zone, and an oft-overlooked one at that! 

Some of my favorite sexual experiences have occurred when my partner(s) and I have taken the time to appreciate, worship, and stimulate each others’ entire bodies. The soles of my feet, the backs of my knees, and yes, my armpits, are some of my personal favorite erogenous zones. My lovers can almost all attest to the prominence of my fetish for armpits.



Even if you personally don’t get turned on by armpits alone, there’s just no denying the primal pleasure experienced by the smell of pheromones exuded by the one(s) we lust after, especially when things get hot between us. How many times have you nuzzled a partner’s neck and suddenly felt the urge to pull them even closer? Think of some of the hottest sex you’ve had in your life—you’re completely absorbed, enraptured with each other, all inhibitions melted away, leaving your faces flushed and your bodies glistening with sweat. What lingers in the air, urging you to devour one another? That’s right—pheromones.

While I do remove my pubic hair—I choose to remove it mostly for  my personal comfort—I leave my armpit hair alone. And I love it. Perhaps I think of my own body hair as a way to flag for armpit fetishists or body hair fetishists, in addition to simply feeling divine in my body exactly as it is…well, exactly as I want it. I believe our bodies are vessels for self-expression, whether that comes in the form of modifications like tattoos, plastic surgery, scarification, amputation, or no modifications at all. The beauty lies in personal autonomy. Choice.



In the past, someone booked me for an extended GFE session and requested I shave my armpit hair—and begrudgingly, I accommodated him. I love my career, and I’m not about to miss out on an opportunity to connect with another human being because of something so trivial as body hair. However, I was mildly disappointed by his request. 

I wish he could have had an open mind toward my personal preference, or if he truly didn’t enjoy it, simply ignored it (it’s really not that noticeable in person. I don’t see the problem as I’m still the same provider with or without it). 

Personally, I like my lovers to feel exactly the way *they* love to feel in their own bodies. I have zero preference when it comes to arbitrary physical qualities on other people…but pheromones never, ever fail to get me going. 

Regardless of how sophisticated we think we are as a society, there will always be those biological responses that tether us to our inherent animal nature. Those things that level the playing field, binding us together as a species while reminding us of our humanity truly make life exciting and worthwhile.

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